Ridersheaven Goes Green

We use cardboard boxes and foils again! A concept to love the environment! Every day we receive many boxes from suppliers, with goods all packed in individual plastic bags. Naturally. We all want goods that are new, unworn, clean and smelling good. This is why this outer packaging is also necessary. But what do you do with all the cardboard boxes and plastic bags? To dispose?

Of course, we also want to deliver your goods to you customers in such a way that they look good, are clean and smell good. Buying packing materials, cardboard boxes and plastic bags to repack? Even though we just got that much outer packaging from the supplier delivery?
That doesn't make sense to us!
And so we continue to use the cardboard boxes and plastic packaging from the suppliers to pack your ordered items. So don't be surprised if a box looks used or a plastic bag is wrinkled.

That is our contribution to the environment. We want to continue skiing or snowboarding in the beautiful Allgäu mountains, surfing in our seas or swimming in clean lakes and rivers.

We hope you will turn a blind eye and support us with our “Ridersheaven Goes Green” campaign.