SUP Paddle

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Stand Up Paddling - the Trendsport is now breaking through: all you need is a board and a paddle. And, of course water.
In this category "paddle" is in the topic. There are also great differences. Especially in the material: Alluminium SUP paddle or carbon paddle. In addition, there are very practical variants which can be transported more easily. The paddle can be divided into several parts, so that it fits well into the SUP backpack.

To get you a little closer to the sport "SUP", here are some more facts:
The sport is now known not only as a trend, but also as a eternal training for your body. Because the most diverse muscle groups are claimed for the SUP. Keeping your balance on the SUP board ensures an upright posture and a strengthening of the complete body musculature. And all this in a very pleasant humid climate :-)