Information for the rental

You want to go or fly on vacation and you are looking for a appropriate luggage storage for your sports equipment (for example: surfboard bag, bicycle travel bag, etc.)? You want to take a stand up paddle board with you on holiday or pack a child carrier from MINIMEIS for hiking days? Extra buy is not worthwhile for the trip? At RIDERSHEAVEN you can RENT instead of BUY! You can find our rental items in the category: Rental.
If an article should not be there, which you need, for example, for your surf trip, please ask at our Customer Service. We make many things possible for you!

We will send you rental items for shipping costs (see below: shipping classes).

During the ordering process, a corresponding deposit will be added to the cart. The amount of the deposit depends on the new value of the article. As soon as the item is back in the same condition in which we have shipped it, we will refund the deposit immediately.

As soon as the order has been received and paid, we will send the rental article the next working day. Within Germany, the delivery time is about 2-3 days. The rental period you have paid starts only after the day the goods have been delivered to you.
If you need the rental product delayed / later than your order, please notify our customer service before your order.

There are three different shipping categories for rental items, depending on the size of the product:

Small: 4,95 €
Medium: 8,95 €
Large: 19,95 €

Please note that the item must be returned to us after the last paid rental day. The return shipping costs must be paid by the customer.

For further questions, contact our customer service: mail@ridersheaven.com or 08321/6909200