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This category is about protection in the ski and snowboard sector.
As a basis, there are various protectors. Elbows, knees, wrist and back protectors.
The shield for the back protectors consist mostly of Sas Tech. A 3D-protector made of viscoelastic soft foam with a very good shock absorption. In addition, SAS Tech fits your back anatomically perfectly to your body and is not destroyed by the impact and can continue to be used. Say it is much better than plastic protectors and also environmentally friendly! What is an incredibly important factor in our time!
The pioneer is the company Amplifi. Here Armourgel is installed in the protector.
Armourgel is a heat and cold resistant material that does not change shape.
He is even so comfortable that you can wear the protector while driving without it physically restricting you.
The fit depends on the size of the person.
Topsellers include Amplifi, Scott, Evoc.