Lib Tech

Lib Tech Snowboards, Ski & Surfboards

Lib Tech is a brand of Mervin Snowboard Manufacturing, as well as GNU and Bent Metal. Mervin Manufacturing was founded in 1977 by snowboarders Mike Olson and Pete Saari. Lib Tech is a real snowboarding company from the USA.
Unfortunately, Lib Tech also experienced a slump in 1997, like the rest of the snowboarding industry. Mike and Pete sold their company to Quiksilver. This step helped them to keep the brands Lib Tech and GNU and still develop.

"Handcrafted near Canada in the USA". Not only was the technical function with camber and magne traction decisive, but also by the mega design of the snowboards!
The term Skate Banane is strange in terms of a snowboard, but is actually figuratively realized in the BTX banana technology from Lib Tech. The Snowboard Model Skate Banane is most popular, followed by the Burtner's Box Scratcher, Skunk Ape, Phoenix Jamie Lynn, Attack Banana, Banana Magic, Coldbrew, Gateway Fundamental, and more.
Travis Rice's snowboarding movies "That's It, That's All" (2006), "The Art of Flight" (2011) and "The Fourth Face" (2016) were the highlights of the brand. Together with his team colleagues Eric Jackson, Jesse Burtner and Mark Landvik, Travis Rice is constantly developing the Lib Tech technology.

Sequim / Washington also produces Lib Tech Surfboards from the popular snowboard brand. They run under the motto "unbreakable"! The very robust and light materials make waves a completely new experience. The Lib Tech Surfboards, Lib Ramp and the models of the cooperation with Lost Surfboards, Puddle Jumper, Sub Buggy, Short Round revolutionized the entire surfing sector.

There is also the Lib Tech Ski program from Lib Tech. Here you will also find the convincing magnetraction edge, which makes the ski a special driving experience. A small but fine assortment in the Freeski section makes the brand Lib Tech autentic in the winter sports segment and connects simple and skillful technological progress with fun at the sport.

So, do not hesitate and get on your handmade Snowboard from Lib Tech to experience the lifestyle and the snowboard technology on your own.