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 Line Skisi, Freeskis, Ski Poles...

Line Skisi, Freeskis, Ski Poles & more

Although Line is no longer a single skier, building one ski at a time in a garage, our mission remains the same. Our story is less about a business and more about a passion for doing what you love. Line?s actions have always been based on this passion for the sport, and the idea that what?s best for skiing is best for skiers and any businesses involved. Although we had a strong hand in the past 14+ years of skiing?s evolution, there are obviously many more people and businesses all critically involved in making skiing what it is today and what it will become tomorrow. The most important person to the future of this sport however is yourself, because without all of you there is not sport.

So represent the Line name proudly and people will know about you, what they already know about us. . .