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Snowboard Helmets


When it comes to skiing and snowboarding protection, the helmet is the most important accessory.
You just have a brain and you can not replace it when it's broken.
When buying a helmet it depends on whether it fits well.
To be on the safe side, the helmet should sit like this: If you put on the helmet, you should not have space for any fingers between the inside of the helmet and the temple. In addition, the helmet should not be uncomfortable if you have it longer on the head.
Meanwhile, helmets have features such as, an audio system for listening to music or telephoning, ventilation systems, or MIPS systems. (Inner shell is not connected to the outer shell) that means you have less pressure on your head when falling and thus you reduce the risk of getting a concussion.
For a helmet you should spend between 80 and 200 euros.
Good helmets for this would be Anon, Smith, Scott, etc ...