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Splitboarding is a current trend. More and more snowboarders are discovering the beautiful areas outside the crowded slopes. Empty slopes and the impressive nature make our hearts beat faster. A splitboard is a snowboard that is split in half (similar to the skis) and climbs up the mountain. As with ski tours, you also have skins and crampons. Once at the top you just click the two halves together and get a great descent.
As with snowboarding, splitboarding also depends on the set-up that suits you best. Thanks to the various shapes, you can take your driving style from snowboarding perfectly to splitboarding. Whether rocker or camber, hard flex or softer, you have a lot of choices if you wanna buy a splitboard. Do not be afraid to ask us if you have any questions (08321 6909200) or write us an email.
PS: Did you know that there is a splitboard rental service in our Ridersheaven shop (Immenstädter Str. 9, 87527 Sonthofen)?