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Surf Pads

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Surfpads or traction pads, are available in various shapes and colors.
Surf pads are used for optimal grip and support at the back foot during surfing. Surfpads are usually needed mainly for shortboards or funshapes.
In the case of longboards, minimalibu or retrofish boards, pads are only optional because you do not need as much pressure on the rear foot as with shortboards in this type of surfboard.
The basic form of a surfpad consists of: one part (1 piece) or up to 5 pieces pads, different surface structures like diamond groove or corduroy, kicktail - called accelerator pedal with pads, and mostly 3M glue so the pad on the Surfboard holds properly.
How to put pads correctly on the surfboard show mostly video tutorials on internet platforms like Youtube etc ...
Additionally, as an advanced option, there are front pads for the front foot. These have been very modern since 2 years, after being surfed by top surfers like Noa Dane, Dion Agius, Soli Bailey, etc., and offer mega-good support!