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Snowboard Goggles

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A must-have for every mountaineer is ski / snowboard goggles.
The most important thing when buying a goggle is the fit and the quality of the glasses.
One differentiates with the glasses on the form and on the strength of the coating / silvering Verspiegelung.
There are two types of glasses: cylindrical and spherical glasses. Cylindrical ones are easier to process and purchase because the glass is once coated and bent once.
Does not mean that cheaper is the same. The glass is easier to treat than a spherical glass and the look looks a bit warped. Always clean or clean your ski / snowboard goggles with the enclosed microfibre cloth. Spherical glass is bent twice and thus rounder in shape. Say you have no warped optics when looking through and the light / sunlight is better broken. In addition, the glass is harder and usually still as a cream honeys Polarized or equipped with Carl Zeiss glass.
Ski goggles cost on average 70 to 190 euros. But there are special glasses with polarization or magnets in the frame to change the glass as quickly and easily as possible.
There is also a difference in the color or mirroring of the glass. The lighter the glass, ie yellow or pink, the more it is suitable for bad weather. However, if the glass is dark in color (black, silver or about gold) it is perfect for good weather.
Let's get to the fit. Glasses should be comfortable in the first place. Usually when you have the glasses on, no finger gets in between the nose and the glasses. Thus, one ensures that everything is sealed well.
You can buy ski goggles in any online store or shop that offers either mountaineering accessories or board sports such as skiing and snowboarding. As well as our homepage Ridersheaven.
We have a very wide range of high quality goggles among others from Smith, Oakley, Anon etc ...