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ONEBALLJAY Snowboard Wax and Equipment

Oneballjay began as an experimental surfwatch project in 1986, when Jay Rota (a.k.a. Oneball) and Matt Cummins were introduced to the surfing of Mike Olson and Peter Saari of Mervin Manufacturing.
During the summer skateboarding was their main focus and surfing proved to be a new alternative. While surfing and driving to the beach, they decided to develop their own surf wax. Their first attempts were terrible. The wax was called "juice wax", because it contained car oil, bee wax and tree juice.

When the rainy season rolled in, the time of surfing and skateboarding was over and the weather called for snowboarding. "In the winter the skateboarding ramps are wet and the water is cold, snowboarding was new for us and we were looking for a lot of fun, trying to figure out how to get some boards and go into the mountains The first snowboard wax was born in 1986, when they successfully combined Canning Paraffin with graphite, and they started producing it, and Mike and Peter of Mervin received a snowboard wax Jay and Matt called the new wax "Oneball" because Jay had a skateboarding accident just a few years ago, with the end of his skateboard crashing into his balls, the accident being quite hard, but everything Healed fine and the name was set (now Jay has two children)

Soon after, Jay and Matt produced their first snowboard wax. Another friend of Matt was involved. Paul Ferrell was a friend of Matt and worked in Matt's family snowboarding shop, Northwest Snowboards. Finally, to speed up production, Paul went on the search and bought several large cooking plates and mass wax from a candle store. Over time, one heard around the world of this snowboarding and stores began to order it for their customers.
When Paul and Matt were involved in snowboarding, they decided to neglect Oneballjay and concentrate on their careers in snowboarding. They were team drivers of GNU Snowboards and traveled through the world for a long time. Still, Matt did not give up. A few years later, he called his good friend, Bryan Rusforth, and asked him to help with the watch-making. Bryan bought half of the company in 1991 and started sales. Gradually, more wax formulas were created and accessories added. So Oneball grew to an international company and now sells its wax to snowboarders and skiers worldwide.